Your Internal Alpha Drive

Internal Drive = External Benefits.

The better internal drive you have the more you’ll thrive in life. A human’s internal drive can be compared to that of a computer. What’s the difference between a $288 laptop and $2888 laptop?

The difference is the internal drive. The computer that’s more expensive is obviously gonna have a better internal drive and it’ll be much faster than the cheap alternative unless its modified.

The good thing is, your not a computer your better than any computer, and your internal drive can be modified without spending thousands of dollars on chips, USBS and other geeky things nerds like putting into their computers.

Your drive is in your mind and its capabilities are limitless, gigabytes are infinite, and what you use it for is what you’ll get. What happens when you download things from an untrusted website?

Your computer gets a virus, then it slows down, then it gets slower, then things start popping up out of nowhere and it finally becomes useless. Humans can become useless too.

Think of other humans you meet in your life as personal websites. When your talking to someone in real life your hearing content from their personal website which everything in their mind, that’s their content. Is there content motivating? Is it inspiring? Is it negative? Is it positive? Does It make you happy? Or are you their content because their boring and have none? You can call these people empty word press websites.

You don’t spend a lot of time on a website that doesn’t provide you with the right information. So, why are you spending time with people who can provide you with no real value?

The more time you spend with the wrong people, the more viruses your gonna get. The more viruses you get the more useless your gonna be, the more useless you are the more broke you are. The more broke you are, the faster your gonna die.

Ask yourself do you want a fast computer, or a slow one?
Fast one right? Well then eliminate the viruses from your life, people in real life are really websites, their face is the main page, clothing is the template, what they say is their content.

What kind of websites are you spending your time on? The ones that help you flourish? Or dis-empower you and make you bored. You wouldn’t sit there reading a boring website for an hour would you?

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