Are You Too Comfortable In Your Twenties?

Problems With Getting Too Comfortable In Your Twenties:

When you get too comfortable is when you become a pussy. It’s as simple as that. Average Joes get comfortable at average jobs with an average income and average friends. This type of beta-male decides he’s going to work at the call center of a major phone service provider company or at the “office” which is really in their basement come on!

These parasites continue making an average income and living an average life with no clear cut plan or goals about their future. They hope for the best but often get mediocre results or no results at all. They rely on their outer circumstances for wealth and happiness and have no clue what’s really going on. Lets compare the comfortable man VS the non-comfortable business man.

The non-comfortable businessman is always on the go. Before he makes it big he takes a lot of risks, jumps a few jobs in his twenties and meets a variety of people, has mentors, plans his future & has a strategy, he has goals and has a plan to achieve them and he continues to do so everyday.

The comfortable guy on the other side tends to make excuses, gets a job and as an employee at a big corporation that pays little his whole life. His world has a shield on it, which prevents him from the real outer world.

His fears prevents him from growing and before he knows it his life has comfortably flashed before his eyes. He has regrets when he’s 50 he hoped he tried this and he hoped he tried that, all of a sudden he’s 80 and he hoped he tried this in his 50s and he hopes he tried that – sooner or later his regrets are in the cemetery.

The key difference is the man that was never comfortable was always making moves – letting him grow more and more opening more and more opportunities for him.

Now ask yourself, are you too comfortable? Are you getting too comfortable? Are you gonna start making some moves? Or are you going to keep working in the 9 to 5 jobs that you hate? Start making some moves, take some risks, learn something new at least you won’t have regrets in the future. Only place to be comfortable is in bed.

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