Should You Quit Your Job?

In this article, we’re going to explain why you should take into consideration: Quitting your job.

Growing concerns when this question comes up is often: The employment, employer and the individual him/herself. You might be experiencing the symptoms of having the wrong job. Having a job is good but it can also be worse if you’re forcing yourself to commit to a job that isn’t right for you.

For example, most folks will not even address this elephant in the room: Are you actually fulfilled with your job, the duties and employer? Or are you only satisfied because you’re cut a cheque every two weeks and would NOT risk otherwise (this too is understandable since some of us have financial obligations requiring a continuous income stream). There is no right or wrong answer, instead it’s a matter of asking yourself the tough question and seeking the truth.

Reason One: Are you constantly late and usually get to work right when the shift begins? Folks conditioned with the herd mentality address this issue by tossing the blame on outside circumstances like the start time, traffic or something silly like the weather pattern. What this actually means is that the necessary steps to get to work on time are not taken, and a pattern of unpreparedness is followed. Those who truly love their jobs arrive early, before their shift begins and potentially stay long after their shift has ended and they don’t consider work as a job but instead it’s more a fun task because they like it so much.  These folks are never late since they’re eager to go to work the night prior. They arrive fully prepared, ready to work and set an alpha example within the organization.

Red Flag: Calling in sick when you are capable of working is a symptom of having the wrong job.

Reason Two: Do your colleagues, managers, and company have different beliefs and mindsets with regards to goals, aspirations and personal development than you? Are you surrounded with those who’re not living the life you want to live in the near future?

Consider these two examples about who you’re surrounded by (and why this is because you spend a good portion of your day around them therefore, you are the sum of who you spend the most time with.)

Do the people you work with:

  1. Drive shitty cars (not by choice -since it could be financially advantageous to have a cost effective vehicle).
  2. Live in sub-standard housing because of a lack of a hustle (and complaining about it).

Consider where you’ll be surrounded by the by-product of the two points above – day in day out.  The Y&B team is completely against mediocrity and those who submit to it because they’ve been conditioned to believe it’s ok.

Reason Three: Are you getting paid what you want? If not quit ASAP. Time is money and your boss is not going to walk over to you next Wednesday and hand you a magical raise matching your desired income. Never limit your earning potential because you’re truly capable of earning what you believe. Those conditioned by the herd mentality by way of default – cap their earning potential because of the standard those around them set, like folks getting paid $20-$30 an hour hanging with others in the same boat. At Y&B we’d suggest why not consider earning $500 an hour even if everyone around you is at $20, $30. Set a new benchmark by thinking big. Getting paid chicken scratch and keeping your job because you believe it’s OK is modern slavery.

Reason Four: Are the customers, clients, prospects, whatever your line of work calls them AKA with whom your employer conducts business with AKA the reason why you’re even employed – the type of people you like being around? It’s time to walk because those clients, prospects, customers are not likely to change any time soon and it’s only going to strengthen your habitual pattern of negative thinking.

In today’s modern world and our access to global opportunities, why waste away working a job that isn’t fulfilling, doesn’t pay you what you believe you deserve and creates a toxic mental state for you? Kick yourself in the ass and find a better job. Being comfortable gets people killed, puts businesses in bankruptcy which is the true sign of a mark. Don’t be a mark. As proven by history a solid commitment & dedication to hustle can lead to the dream home, fancy car, and whatever else you dream of. No one can ignore hard-work, all the herd can do is hate, and taking a little bit of hate now for the Pent-house suite paid for in cash later is worth more than presently folding up your nut sack and tucking it in your ass while driving to a job you hate. Take risks – especially if you’re unhappy with your current situation. Hard work will always pay off and the only way to find out if the grass is truly greener on the other side is by getting off your ass and taking a look (in employment terms that means apply at other places, go for interviews, who cares).




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