Why You Are Who You Are (Free Chapter Giveaway)

Know Yourself – A partial chapter on who you are and why?

You are who you are now because you chose to be who you are now. You chose to be you by making decisions and acting on them. You acted on your decisions because you thought they were right even when they were wrong. If you aren’t where you want to be in life, why are you there? How did you end up there?

Lets say, you want to make a change in your life and be someone and somewhere better… It is mandatory to think of few or more outcomes of your decision before you take action. You may have heard your experiences make you who you are, this can be true if you let it be true. Your experiences only define situations, but do they define you? No they do not. Life moves forwards not backward, when you walk you walk forward not backwards so when you think how should you think? Forward not backwards.

Living life in rewind means you let your experiences define you instead of defining your experiences as learning experiences. Are you who you are now because of your parents, friends, relatives, or acquaintances? Only you know. It all depends on what beliefs you let into your subconscious mind that result in automotive behavior.

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