4 Ways To Make Better Decisions

“In a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”–Theodore Roosevelt
(26th President of the United States)

First realize that you make over 100 decisions a day consciously and unconsciously. As you age, patterns form, you won’t even remember the drive home but you’ll end up in your drive way after work. Our decision making skills and abilities decline as we age and especially for those with a fixed mindset.

  1. Listen to your gut instinct. It might not seem like the right choice but it’s your body giving you a direct response to the environment.
  2. Stop. Literally, practise the method of pausing before giving any answer or even a few seconds can make a huge impact in your decision making over time.
  3. Be in the present moment. This is always overlooked or thought of to be a cliché, being present in moment is extreme reality. Looking at things purely at face value and having the ability to extract yourself from a situation or scenario and…
  4. Act BOLDLY. Eliminate lethargic behavioral patterns, listen to your inner thoughts and control your breathing. Pause before responding by looking at the situation from an outside perspective. This will enable you to move on your gut feeling and make a bold move – no matter what.

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