Are You a Hustler or Clown? Find Out:

In business to hustle is a mixture of leading, selling, entrepreneurial-ism, empathy and experience. Leading to act in a way to benefit everyone. A true hustler makes up

for a lack of resources (money, connections, time, etc.)

With insightful skill, initiative, action, gumption, empathy, and calculated risk taking

beyond the bounds of its subfields of leadership, sales and entrepreneurship. The

opposite of the hustler is a clown. Someone who talks big game without delivering.

Often leaving someone else to take care of their mess.

Clowns sound attractive to work with, but leave you empty. I’ve sadly worked with a

few clowns. They sound like hustlers in the beginning. I tend to give people the

benefit of the doubt first, so I started working with them, giving some trust. Now some of them owe me money that I’ll probably never see. I’m sure you know the

type. Clowns are the opposite of genuine and authentic, though they’re often skilled at presenting themselves in that way.

Related to the clown is the snake. A snake tends to harm you or win at your expense.

The clown doesn’t even realize the harm they’re causing. You almost feel more

respect for the snake since at least their honest with themselves, not oblivious like a clown.

It’s sad when you start realizing someone is a clown. You realize the patterns and

your opinions of them drops. “Oh man, I was working with a clown. I thought they were a serious person.”

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