Women want Tall & Dominant men

Welcome to 2019 fresh easy to use and learn advice for attracting the right partner or managing the right girl in bed right at your finger tips.


Confirmed by scientists in Europe, Asia and North America (meaning no matter what country or continent you’ll be applying this knowledge in you have a peace of mind knowing that it’s not biased or misinformed.

In todays current psychological climate – women portray more independence than ever. Todays society is filled with women who do not need a man in their lives, have high paying jobs and are basically considered equal to men.

This woman is a branch manager at local bank.

What we discovered behind the curtains of these confident, cocky and independent women.

  1. Women want a man who is taller or larger than herself (ie: projecting dominance). Those who lack in a vertical blessing can project dominance with their attitude or aggressiveness (within a consensual context).

  2. Women have an allure to an aggressive male. Go with your gut feeling not what a nice guy would do.

  3. The more career oriented she is – the more she desires to be dominated by an alpha in bed, this feeds her inner ego which is satisfied with the power she projects onto her employees.

    “Sally” in the above picture is a successful entrepreneur who earns more than her husband and when she arrives home – she loves being tied up and gagged.

In short:

What can we can apply from this post and your related efforts?

It may be bewildering why a woman would fall for the charms of an aggressive man, there’s an underlying logic that seems to explain at least part of it: She wants to extract his good genes for posterity(meaning she wants to fuck and produce babies).

The research also uncovers that the attraction to socially dominant men isn’t just psychological — it’s undergirded by biology.

So while the appeal of an aggressive man may be confusing on an emotional level, an evolutionary lens can bring these tangled motivations into clearer focus – so trust your balls and your hustle. Dont over think it in 2019



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