4 Steps to Know Yourself (eBook Review)

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

How long have you waited to feel happy or to join a gym? Or earn the money you deserve? You are your best friend and worse enemy. We’ve recently released a book: “Know yourself” it’ll help you find out if you’re supporting yourself internally or are in a consistent pattern of self sabotage without even realizing it.

Unlock your true identity.

Knowing yourself internally you’ll be able to set benchmarks and be brutally honest with about where you presently are in all areas of life and where you’d like to be in turn this should help you map what it will take to get there.

Here are 4 things we learned from Know Yourself that can be applied to daily life to expand our minds.

  1. Know what is limiting you.

Pay attention to your thoughts – are they positive or negative. Do you drift into flashbacks from the past where you failed or were humiliated? Keep a journal and monitor your thoughts for 1 week. Look for patterns of thoughts centered around negative statements like “ I cant” “I’m not”… Often times folks think these thoughts are assumptions and take them as truth, letting them guide their lives onto a journey of mediocrity.

  1. The Source aka “The Plug” (ie: trigger of procrastination, laziness and etc)

Dig deep into your conscience and reviewing the journal you’ve been documenting for a week will come handy here. Avoid fear whole heartedly during this process since fear sometimes won’t let you probe further into your subconscious because it’s scared of change. Humans are mammals of consistent patterns and behaviors.

  1. Rephrase your internal vocabulary.

This process is ongoing and tedious so you must be committed to finding out the real you. Once again, in our latest E-book we explain areas of improvement in your life you thought could not be possible. Rephrasing your “I cants” into I WILL, will create a life of abundance. Each rephrase will compound over time into the new you.

  1. Have a solid stance.

Once you’re in the habit of consistently repeating step 3, you’ll develop a foundation. Others around you will notice this as well and might say you’re different now or are being cocky (the haters always have shit to say). Remember the past is gone and the only moment is now. How you apply yourself NOW is how you’ll live better tomorrow and so on and so forth. The key is to have a solid stance and not crumble to the pressures of those negative internal thoughts. Know yourself and what you stand for.

Are you going to set your mind for success?

You truly do have unlimited potential and the capacity for success is only where you set the bar. You can change today. When I see people on the corner begging for money who are able bodied I think how much of an impact a simple mental shift could have on their lives and they might not be begging or living on the streets.

“Know yourself”