Working from home is the employment version of twerking in a cubicle but in the comfort of your own home.

Although there are many benefits to setting up your business from home (ie: saving costs during a start-up and etc) or if your current physical capabilities are restricted to a home office or other legitimate reasons – we understand.

Here are the negative consequences of being a home based entrepreneur.

1. Isolation: Remember the hole Saddam Hussein was hiding when he was captured. Imagine that being your brain trapped in the home office – seeking capture for the sake of someone to interact with.

working from home

2. Procrastination: Your sitting at home in safe mode. Rent or losing your office is a unlikely a threat and this relaxes you. However, with a rent or office space you either paid for are renting/leasing in some form you’re more likely to take work and business more serious. This results in better using your home as a place to relax and recharge rather than both (Ying & Yang).

3. Small Space = Small Growth. When your moving moving swiftly from room to room your not exposed to the real world, and real world problems, fresh air or even any hot girls besides the ones you Google. In the initial phase of launching a business – saving costs like rent does matter but there is a point you’ll eventually reach where the cost savings versus growth potential don’t align.

working from home

While being able to rise & move swiftly from your room through the hallway to the washroom then moon walking to the kitchen and the final destination (your office) in one minute may seem very efficient and very cost effective. The reality is over time it’s make you deficient in many simple areas of every day life. Have you ever looked back and wondering why you were working on a schedule ever since you were in kindergarten? Waking up at 7 am eating breakfast than heading to school, starting class at 8:45 am , then having recess at 10:45 am and lunch at 11:45 am. Meeting tons of people, having a lot of different experiences. The consistency of this schedule was preparing you for the real world. But sometime after high-school maybe in college your class times weren’t consistent and you stopped following the good old routine, maybe it’s time to restart. A consistent schedule is mandatory, that way you control your day and your day won’t control you. Don’t be a little pussy and try to become the worlds best entrepreneur from your little home office. This is like trying to build a rocket ship from home to go to the moon. Does Nasa work from home? No. Did Steve Jobs build the Iphone at home? No.

Working from home and why

A home office work area is not a progressive long term solution. It’s physically and mentally dis-empowering. it’s the easiest option to choose for the short term and unless you physically leave your house you’ll never be fully in “work-mode”. Your mind is too constrained and your parents are gibbering in the background, you can still smell your shit from your desk after using the washroom. This hazardous work environment and a one man team can never ever take you to the top. You need a support group of 2 to 3 people who criticize your rights and wrongs. Viewing things from other peoples perspective is crucial for personal development and the growth of a business/brand – you cannot do all of this with one brain. Now if your working from home. Rethink. Is your home office actually working for you or are you just working for it.