This is a very quick and simple overview on the Alpha VS Beta Thought Pattern. There is a lot more that will be covered in more posts later.

There a lot of people out there who misunderstand the alpha male. The alpha is not someone who is a obnoxious, narrow minded, steroid pumping ass hole. The phrase that sums up an alpha male is: “He does what he wants.” We can relate this to our primal instincts and for examples sake: when a lion wants to eat he asks nobody for permission and does not care what others will think about what he’s eating or why or any of those questions. Although there a lot of people who may behave like alphas when eating and eat junk food, an alpha controls his tongue (I’ll be discussing control below).. Once again: the alpha male does what he wants. This does not mean hurting others, or being an ass-hole or committing crimes, I mean he does what he wants without seeking approval, or even giving one ounce of thought to what others will think.

There are three timeless characteristics of an alpha:

1) He has control over his life (thoughts, family, work, food, etc).

2) They are selfish. They will always swing circumstances and instances in their favour (or always attempt to by default)

3) He does not care what others say or think about him.

To have all of the above it begins at the top. By the top I mean it begins with your brain, your mindset, and the one thing that is the easiest to control and manipulate in your life: 


Your Thoughts.

Manhood in western society has been over taken by  average men and bitch attitudes and pussy behavioural patterns.  I say: FUCK THAT

This is because:

The beta male follows a series of puss-edures that’re the arch opposite of what the alpha would do. I’ve watched betas from my old inner circle and noticed their thought patterns, comments, negativity, and the list goes on.

Alpha males control their thoughts and that is the differentiating factor. By having a control of your thoughts you can make alpha decisions, control your feelings, enable a superiority complex, be better than others and simply excel further then any beta male on your block.

The reality is: all these self-help gurus and metro-sexual non lifting beta worshippers are unable to control their sub-par thought patterns. Being an alpha and having the mind set to be the apex requires strict control of what’s going on inside your brain.

Think about it like this: 

  • In a day there is approx: 86,400 seconds. It takes a normal human about 1 second to fire a thought off in his/her brain.
  • Each one of these 86,400 seconds can be used to dispense either positive or negative thoughts from the vending machine aka your brain.
  • There is one vending machine but YOU decide the product (thoughts) which you’ll purchase with your 86,400 seconds.

Alpha males will spend every second thinking about positive outcomes that tend to swing circumstances in their favour, hence the line: “that lucky bastard” is always getting dropped on the alpha whose excelling.

The average beta male dispenses negative, demeaning thoughts more than positive. These thoughts are range from: I cant do that, what will my friends or family think, what will people say about … when they see me, why is he like this and I’m like this, I could’ve, would’ve, should have, indecisiveness and the list goes on.

The first step to success or going from beta to alpha is control your fucking thoughts. All that toxic negative nonsense you’re remixing is showing on the outside with your sloped shoulders and angry face, narrow squinting eyes and flimsy posture.

When you’re in control and your in a alpha state of mind people are automatically gravitated towards you. For example, if you’re at the gym and you have decent size and your in an alpha state of mind: other big guys will say whats-up or give you a head nod and engage in a convo (no homo). People can sense others in a positive state of mind and it shows on the outside. You’ll notice even if a beta-male is juiced up and massive he is still sending out beta frequencies that can be senses by others and he will be talked down upon and made fun of.


Here is a quick test to distinguish a negative beta-male: 


Say something positive or share a recent positive experience that’s happened with you and he’ll respond first with a negative comment, word or action which may then convert to a positive comment after.