Give your 100% in everything you do.


The work you put out is an internal reflection of thou self. You do shitty work, well what does that tell everybody around you? It tells them that you’re a shitty person. Whether you’re washing your car, building your body, cutting the grass, or building your business you need to perform like the engine of a Ferrari. Become limitless and high performing.

You have to activate the mindset of:

“I can fucking do everything and accomplish anything no matter what the circumstances aka: I’LL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES.”

A true alpha male does the work required, and then does more. He never fails to go the extra mile. You gotta have that extra inner drive and be able to continuously push yourself forward if you wanna make something of yourself. I see beta-males working beta ass jobs then coming home sitting on their fucking couch like dickless directionless cowards and then for gratification and pleasure they drink alcohol or smoke a ton of pot to self medicate and alleviate the stress of living out the motions in life. It’s really weird how in western society “fun” is programmed with partying, drinking, getting drunk,dehydrated, lowering testosterone while increasing estrogen, lacking sleep (real fun waking up in bitch mode? ha). This can be laced directly with a peasant mindset and low inner scientifically addressed as a testosterone to estrogen imbalance. Further described has Low-T. Basically meaning your mind is conditioned like a women’s.

If you behave like a bitch you get bitch results. To clarify when I say bitch I mean sub-par & below average. I’ve even seen older lady’s working harder than some young fellas out there. These  poeple haven’t achieved success and their partying every weekend? Spending their low income on a high-income lifestyle. What the fuck you celebrating for? If you haven’t accomplished anything and not making atleast  100k/year + some form of freedom you should be re-prioritize and begin working on your goals and building something. Nothing should take you off your path to success.

Some of these long term goals should sound similar to, “I want to start generating 100 K (by this age) and I am going to do this by opening up a business working my fucking ass off day and night in whatever your passion maybe. If your young and are frequently tired acting like little cowards. Your lifestyle needs to be changed immediately. Chances are you have low-t and your stuck in the cycle of the non-successful. Either your chasing success and building your business or your stuck in the paradigm of the weak consumers.

Where is that going to get them? You guessed it: Nowhere but where their at.  Success is a choice. Betas live life half assing most if not all the tasks in life, little to big and never focusing on a single goal.  A beta-being devotes 0-5% of his time to personal development while the alpha on the other hand is hungry for knowledge and is seeking opportunity and success in every endeavour he partakes in.  After the focused alpha achieves success people with beta-tude ask themself, “why does he have that and I don’t? And they may talk shit about you some advice: Fuck em all. The driven, focused, goal oriented, business minded, success chasing alpha got these results by hustling his fucking ass off to get what he has. Either your climbing the ladder and headed to the top or your not headed anywhere but stuck in the hole your in and quickly getting comfortable. Things around you will change but you will remain the same. Get out there and do something. Anything is possible if you apply yourself.  Live life like a fucking man and start building something and making high legitimate income.


Step one: Start now.

Keyterm and what to avoid in life going forward: Beta-tude.