Change starts from within.

A person must be aware of his surroundings and behave and pursue life in such a manner where he benefits the most.  To be successful, one must choose a different path than the average crowd.  You have to make a list of pros and cons based on your life and determine what stays and what doesn’t.  Categorize your needs and wants into what will benefit you and what will not.  It’s easier said than done.  Take a piece of paper and a pen and get at it.  There is no such thing as ‘I will do it later.’ Pushing yourself to do tasks later is a procrastination issue.  Procrastination will definitely not get you anywhere in life.  It’s better to do the task at hand and be prepared for your next obstacle to overcome.

Procrastination is the feeling of a heavy burden on your shoulders and a small voice constantly playing in your head taking you in loops around the task you need to complete. Stop bouncing around in your head.  Most people believe that they will be successful “someday” well that “someday” is: diseaseful  thinking.  You can’t expect your life to turn around on its own, when you’re in CONTROL you have to do it yourself.  The average person wakes up and thinks of the same thoughts as the day before.

Hey Charlie, yesterdays gone, start fresh today bitch.  

Progress in life is absent if there are no goals set or a game plan defined. Try driving around without a place to go, you’re going to run out of gas or in this case: life. Use time to your advantage and lace it with progression. Set small daily goals that you write the day before. Ever felt a sense of accomplishment? Feel that everyday.  To be successful, you have to set goals, hit  them, set harder targets, fall down, get up, and progress. Always do things in life that others do not do. Average folks won’t set goals, targets or even dream because they’re preoccupied with what Jimmy down the street thinks of him or her or  because they are time consuming or even too ‘hard’ for the individual.  Basic tasks like writing goals is easy but to follow through on those written bullets requires the mindset of an AK-47 that’s ready to fire and get shit done. It requires  a lifestyle change and that is what people are unwilling to do.

Young and Beast

The average population is afraid of change. 

Change frightens most people because it involves the need to change their lifestyle whether it’s going to the gym or being more productive.  People cannot change easily even though you can activate your drive for success like you act on your thoughts to watch TV or eat a donut.  Some one who wants it bad enough will get it.  Good change creates results and results lead to success.  For example, someone may set a basic goal such as ‘Waking up early and going to the gym.’  A person with success programmed into their state of being  already does this, since  he knows he’ll have more time for tasks later but the average person will still be sleeping in. THE EASIEST WAY TO GET AHEAD IS TO WAKE UP BEFORE ANYONE ELSE.  Sleeping in prevents you from succeeding in life, you have now slept in and your precious 24 hours are pissed away by your lazy ass counting sheep.  The successful person who wakes up at 5AM has a 4 hour advantage and more time in their day to complete and conquer his goals versus someone who decides to sleep in until 9AM.  If you wake up between 7am-9am: slap yourself since you’re not getting ahead and your lack of desire to succeeed is obvious. If you’re not financially where you want to be do you really think you should be sleeping in?

The key to success is infinite self-discipline.

You need to be aware of the things  that will provide benefits in life and not bring negativity and setbacks.  Having the urge to complete something important than the average involves self-discipline.  You have to be willing to focus and finish what you have at hand before moving to the next without getting distracted.  You need the strength to overcome your weaknesses in order to build yourself. Heres a secret: if someone else is doing something you want to do, you to can do it!  Be self-reliant and self-confident in what you do. Don’t shy away from your fears because your fears are what will push you to success.  Focus on yourself and have a clear vision of you succeeding. It will come.