A broad shoulder wide body perspective

You’re driving down the street and you see a wide body BMW 7 series and beside it you see a Honda Civic. Which vehicle is more likely to turn heads? Which car is going to take up more space in the lane? Which cars driver is more likely to survive an accident? Which car is going to receive more respect from the fellow commuters? The BMW 7 series is bigger, stronger, faster than the Honda Civic, so it wins in all categories except fuel consumption of course the Honda civic is more fuel efficient. The smaller you are the less you are going to eat, when you’re a beast you have to consume a lot to maintain your beastly size.

wide shoulders shoulder-pressing


In life, having a wide shouldered frame gets you respect, no one is going to fuck with you or have the balls to do so. Having an inward curved meatless shouldered frame automatically puts you in the category of a Honda Civic, when you could be in the 7 Series category by putting on some shoulder mass. Who do you think looks better the dude wearing the dri-fit t-shirt that just sits on his shitty shoulders or the man that has the dri-fit t-shirt hugging his bold muscular shoulders? Having broad shoulders increases your presence and makes you look a 100 times better than the guy with boney skinny fat shoulders. A weak shouldered man standing behind a man with wide muscular shoulders is blocked and hidden in plane sight and he should be ashamed of his cowardly frame.

Immediate action can easily fix your upper body structure. Which man are the girls more likely to spot first, the guy with the deflated shoulders? Or the man with the model like, pumped, broad, curved outward shoulders? That’s a no brainer, because the guy with the pumped broad outward curved shoulders wins once again just like the BMW 7 Series. These wide built shoulders are your weapons and are going to give you the upperhand in various life situations. People will listen to you more and take your orders. Your confidence is going to soar.

Heres the truth: Nobody is going to come into your body and alter your genetics so you grow muscle.

Its your job to build muscle on your physique.

When you have a wide body muscular frame, people want to be friends with you, they compliment you and they want to know what you did to achieve genetic greatness. Intelligence and muscularity go hand in hand as weapons that you must sharpen daily or you lose them. They are essential for your arsenal. Become great, become that 7 series that gets recognized wherever it goes. Or be that average, powerless, weak Honda civic its up to you. I chose to turn my body into that 7 series wide body high horsepower muscular physique and boy do I love living in it. You cannot go to the store and buy muscular shoulders they are earned through sweat equity.

When you have earned that Ivan Drago wide body frame you have achieved superior status, no one will fuck with you and you could pretty much do whatever you want. Be that muscular man with the wide body muscular frame. Separate yourself from the masses to achieve what they don’t have. Be someone with high value. Set your standards high.


Be somebody with an amazing body. BECOME A YOUNG BEAST, and watch the Law Of Attraction work….