I don’t.


I don’t deal with other people. 

Are there other people around? Yes. Can this ever be changed? Unless you take residence in a cave – no.

Therefore we’re once again at: How does one deal with people. 

I operate in the same world as these complainers of their human counter parts yet I remain and continue to be unaffected by others around me. I don’t care about what they think, say or do unless what they do directly affects me – anything else is irrelevant.

One day I met an old friend for coffee. At that time he had decided to turn his life around from going from a wage slave to full time school. Although I have my own reservations about the latter I was still optimistic because this was a man changing his life for the better and creating his own circumstances. I was very happy for him. To me: he had taken action – quit the job that made him unhappy and took a step towards what he thought would improve himself.

Then in a split second. 0-Beta.

Out of nowhere he began firing off about all the people in school, his classes and everyone he’s having to deal with.

I said: why are you dealing with people? He was naturally taken aback and stunned with my reaction.

“Friend, you only deal with people because you choose to. Let people be people – that’s all they are. We cannot worry, control or waste valuable energy on others. Some people will like you and some will hate you – so what. There are over 6 billion people occupying the world and you’re dealing with people? My friend, people are being people. Let it go.”

He couldn’t believe what i was saying and said how can you say this.

The last thing I said is: I decide how I react to these people whom your so meticulously dealing with.

That was the last time we spoke. My guess is he’s still dealing with people.