Alpha Male CEO Jack Ma & Co. are to spend some $500 million of their own cash to buy shares in Alibaba

alpha male ceo jack ma

Alpha Male CEO Jack Ma Alibaba

An Alpha Male CEO is not scared to make decisions. This habit can also be formed for a regular person as well. Take for example Mr. Jack Ma founderĀ of Alibaba. He made the decision to not be poor.

Confirmed Alpha – Let’s have a look at other purchases made by Mr. Jack Ma recently.

Alpha Male Ceo Jack Ma

Jack Ma’s road to success started with failure. It’s the willpower, hard-work and relentlessness that led him to the current level of success we see.

Alpha Male Ceo Jack Ma

Other confirmed facts also lead to a tale of a humble beginnings like Jack Ma’s first search on the internet: “Beer”

Alpha Male CEO Jack Ma

Or the fact that Mr. Jack Ma learned English by giving tourist free guides for nine years. That translates into confirmed 100% Alpha Male CEO. Any Fucks given about hard work or putting in time? No.

Results: Became the CEO of an online wholesaler worth a verified: $210 + Billion Dollas (USD).

Jack Ma’s alphamanship doesn’t stop there. It’s been confirmed & verified that Jack Ma’s determinnation and will power were proven early on in his life. Take for example:

Ma said in the interview, “I went for a job in the police department but they didn’t consider me eligible. When KFC started in my city, I even went there. There were 24 applicants out of which 23 were recruited except me.”

Relentless hustle, hard work & the true definition of “never giving up”