How much effort do you have in you?
How much effort do you have in you?

Eat what you kill = You get what you give.

This statement has been spoken countless times but has anyone sat down and deciphered the meaning? People believe that they will get great success, money, a happy life, and good grades if they put in minimum effort. This is absolutely wrong; insane even. This method of thinking is bread among the general society who ponder on why they aren’t like the successful people amongst them. It creates hatred and disappointment, resulting in a lack of effort and a lifetime of trial and error bringing a slow but sure tap out on their dreams. This can all be avoided and pushed to the side if you really put your mind to your goals. People always believe that setting goals should be done as a new years resolution. That is untrue and an excuse to delay taking action till a specific, day or significant event- an absolute beta method of evading a disciplined commitment to accomplishment. Everyday is a new beginning, a chance to change yourself and your outcomes. Change isn’t going to happen around you. Change is you. Once you have changed yourself into a prosperous and determined version of yourself, only then can you make a difference in your life. Many distractions take our focus away from achieving our success and thus puts us down the same path as yesterday. In order to change and spark your behaviour towards how badly you want to be successful, you must put in an abundance amount of effort to receive even greater outcomes. Effort is not just being able to be productive but doing necessary things on the side that will make a difference. For instance, if you want to gain muscle you have to put in effort at the gym but even more effort with your diet. There’s always a balance between the right steps to correspond with your desires. Manage your emotional state with your own brand of fearlessness & confidence.


Here are some tips that will help you put in more effort in the things that will help you achieve success:

[1 ] Create a schedule for yourself based on your daily activities prioritized by DOLLAR VALUE from the time you wake up to when you go to bed.

[ 2 ] Terminate Beta Norms set by society – Example: Watching TV, Video Games, Investing time and energy with people who are not like minded and will not benefit you in the long-term.

D0 this and your time to focus on yourself will increase conditioning you to refer to activities like: Reading success books, listening to success and self improvement audiotapes, finishing homework without procrastinating, studying for exams, cleaning your room, exercising, getting enough sleep, meal prepping etc.

Wake up early to have enough time and effort to complete your goals with 100% focus.  For those of you who also work a job, eliminating beta behaviour(s) will allow for more time to improve your lack of effort. For most people, school and work will be enough because at the end of the day all they want to do is watch tv and go to sleep and repeat this process until they pick up another hobby. But for the Alpha, this breed never has enough hours in a day to finish what needs to be done because he wakes up at 5am, goes to work for 8+ hours and comes home and reads, studies, writes blogs and still puts in a lot of effort to get to where he wants to be and that is on the top.

To be on the top you have to be different. You have to set yourself apart and in order to do this sacrifices must be made and time management is essential.

Multitasking will never help you finish everything at once in fact, it will only push you back and waste time. This goes for texting, watching tv or listening to music or even sitting with your spouse while working your ass off. All of these distractions can wait for another time but when your putting in 1000% effort in order to create a successful future you need to give your undivided attention. Whether you’re a successful realtor selling $10 million dollar homes, a salesman writing proposals, a journalist etc you must put in all of your effort to complete your jobs for the greatest benefits. Sitting in your room, watching tv and following celebs on social media and wishing you had their success isn’t going to make you famous or in that case earn any money while dreading your own life. You have to get up, focus and do whatever it takes to do whatever you want to do to be successful in the field you want to work. Put your phones away, turn the tv off, sit in a room alone, forget about social media you don’t need any of those things just clear your mind, and focus on what you want. When you’re doing something productive, put in all our effort because there is no point in trying when if your holding 50% back. Don’t be lazy, be active be driven to change your life continuously. Use 100% brain capacity to really get what you deserve, trust me, you wont be unsatisfied if you put in all you got. Focus on goals that need to be achieved and once they are, write new ones and continue all while being driven, dedicated and unstoppable to be successful.