Step 1: Drop a bad-ass controversial advertisement involving the opposite sex for your target demographics (in this case it’s women).

The Calvin Klein Ad. Aka alpha marketing maneuver to generate some noise and possibly income.
alpha advertising

The masses are presently under full beta control. Men kissing on TV won’t be found awkward, illegal or controversial yet a simple advertisement like this sparks full blown outrage.


The common folks of society are so controlled and geared to view and react. That they forgot to think in a simplistic matter. Having a smart phone and the ability to tweet doesn’t make you smart. Stay on task focus on what’s making you more valuable to society rather than react. The minutes and seconds spending responding to BS thrown at you by corporations is betalizing your mind.

Step 2: Let the feminists spark up,

alpha advertising

Alpha advertising techniques are used by big corporations to momentarily mind fuck people. Websites like mashables and other social media outlets distract common folks who all turn their attention to this advertisement. In reality the advertisement has already been published thus making the issue technically irreverent.

But, we are humans after all. So, femanists and social media junkies along with non digital activist team up to attack this large corporation spending time and money assaulting the advertisement and lashing out at the model for what?

What are you going to get from this?

There you have it, a big corporation wanting to increase profits in Q3 and Q4. It was probably a sharply dressed alpha male who walked into the board room and said “effin launch it”.

One way or another they got publicity and attention with what? Showing some panties and legs. Well Played.