Start Fresh & Cut off old ties.

You’re probably thinking I cannot let go of the high school crew or friends and they’re your good friends and you grew up with them your whole life. You probably also have behavioural patterns programmed with them like: going to the bar every Friday, smoking a joint every evening, and the list goes on. Quit being a sad little bitch and limit the connection or completely cut these time wasters off. Move on. Grab those invisible pair of scissors and get to cutting.


Emotional intelligence is key. Most, if not all wealthy folks in the world have obtained the skill of emotional intelligence. Be different or be like everyone else and become forgotten when your gone. The younger you realize this the better.


You think a lion gets emotional after eating it’s prey? Fuck no. Don’t get me wrong but there are emotions that are going to help you get ahead in life like being in a happy state of mind. Fill your mind with positivity. Use the right emotions at the right times, control your state of mind. Fuck the drones who’re taking you off the path to your purpose in life and the treasures you will acquire.


Think of yourself as a human lion who is dying of starvation but replace the hunger for food with a hunger for over achieving and the financial rewards it comes with. Think of your self as conquering the jungle of life while  filling your bank account, building your skill set, making connections and creating opportunities. Your doing all this not to survive but to live an amazing life full of freedom and choice.

The reality is being a financial and physical success is 100% possible.


Fuck the downers, guys who talk shit and have something negative to say about everything. These types of people will suck the motivation right out of you without even knowing their doing it. Hating ass bitches, you know who you are. Little advice, change the way your mind works or stay behind. There are much better things and people you could meet, create opportunities, nothing is limited everything is achievable with the correct mindset and focused attention.


Remember & reference this when you’re tempted to partake in beta-behaviour:

All the information and time is yours to use or lose. It’s your choice whether to waste your Friday, Saturday let alone the other days of the week at the local pissery pissing away your money, body, mind, future and most importantly: Time. There are better things you can spend your money on such as personal development. I’ve never heard of anyone coming out of a bar or club late at night with more money than they had came in unless you work at the bar or are a stripper. Shit maybe you’ll even walk out missing your two front teeth because you engaged an intoxicated goof.




Spend your fucking time doing sometime productive. Learn the art of time utilization and allocation. You can double even triple the time you have on planet earth if you use your time correct and efficiently. No matter what fucking age you are I want you to become a YOUNG BEAST a human with Animal Ambition. Remember you are capable of greatness and have it within you.