If this is you or you know someone like this its a classic case of beta-manship or beta-syndrome. The world is now plagued by this horrible disease and there are only a handful of websites and people that can cure your illness and I am one of them. Most of these people are ok with how they are living but I’d rather make serious changes than live such a limited bacterial life. No scientist or neurologist has developed the medicine capable of destroying this virus, so you must take things into your own hands and start doing something about it. This disease is lies in your train of thought. We are going to change the pathways of your mind and teach you how to perceive and conceive the world in a beneficial way. The beta-tude mind conditioning can be altered but change comes from within. First you must diagnose yourself and accept that you have this illness. You must be willing to change. Immediate action needs to be taken and all of your beta-attributes need to be recognized and fixed. Make a list of them and beside the list write 5 things you’re going to do to counter these beta-tudes you display daily in different situations.

It’s 8:45 am and the Beta has just woke up after hitting the snooze button 5 times. His alarm clock is flanked by a bag of cheetos and a laptop he uses for porn, this peasant gets up curses his employer or whatever task he must complete and begins his day just like all the other average parasites (begins his day with pure negativity). Another day of going through the motions of life without any purpose. Basically the world would be no different if he was deceased and his spot in life and work can easily be replaced by somebody else. The beta has nothing of value to offer to anyone so he is a follower that does what everyone else is doing, simply just surviving and taking whatever is given to him. This average man carries average traits. The beta then goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror and sees a body with the breasts of a developing girl, the belly of fred flinstone and a scruffy beard like seth rogan. His non-aesthetic average looks disinterest the opposite sex and others he deals with on a daily basis. Nobody except maybe his mom and dad or siblings are intrigued into his basic lifestyle. Upon completing the minimum required hygenic duties of man needed to look normal he gets dressed. His wardrobe has not been updated since his last year in college and the style is a reflection of movies that aren’t even available on Netflix anymore. Keep in mind all of this is fixable with some self-awareness. Because of his low muscle mass, this she-man basically swims in the clothing he wears. This individual has no idea of how it feels to have solid muscle on his frame.

As the beta stares in the mirror ensuring he looks ok he is happy with his body, overweight gut, developing breast and arms where he cannot tell the difference between his forearm and upper arm. This beta has no plans to transform. Although everything up to this point that has been said should be of concern the Beta male is actually OK with his life and body since its the ”norm” he looks like 4 out of 5 on the subway. He believes this is what life is: doing the motions and looking average. If others look and behave like this then it must be okay. The Beta will always be happy with achieving only the average. In his eyes he is a normal person with a weak body and is okay with this because society accepts it and no one has told him to make a change.

The beta arrives at work just barely making it on time and saves himself a lashing from his beta-manager who in reality is a reflection of him self in the future (10 – 15 years). He then sits in his cubicle and goes through the motions of his job while occasionally surfing Facebook and Instagram on his phone to peak into other peoples’ lives. On Facebook and Instagram he sees pictures of alphas enjoying life and has the companionship of beautiful women. The beta will then screenshot the alpha and share the images with his beta friends calling him a “fake”, “loser”, “douche”, “goof”, and the list goes on. The beta will attack and butcher the alpha in every way he can to his friends like, America attacked Iraq back in 2003 but will not say a peep to the alpha in person. Studies show he acts in this childish manner to make himself feel better about his average lifestyle.  Remember the beta lives his life on the premise that average is the maximum achievement for 95% of folks and anybody else is either lucky, an anomaly, or had some extra terrestrial circumstances to cause his success but no, it’s a choice.


It’s your life, you’re in charge, you’re in the driver seat, take control. Go 500 horses in this bitch.

The Beta then goes to Starbucks for his coffee and spots the server who he wants to speak to so bad. He imagines taking her on a date, kissing, sex and developing a relationship with this woman but does not have the courage and balls to speak to her besides asking for his coffee. His limiting beliefs make him keep his mouth shut. 100% of the shots you don’t take are missed so at least try.

A well-known alpha by the name of Michael Jordan once said this:

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

The alpha male would screen this broad to know if she is available and be quick to establish ties and uncover whether she is worth pursuing or not. She maybe in a seeing someone, in long term relationship, married, or single. At least ask her an open ended question to engage in a conversation which can lead to so many different beneficial directions ( well talk about what kinds of questions in a different article). Regretting is much worse than not trying it’s not as bad as your mind makes you think it is. Folks in the middle east are worried about getting killed and your too scared to spew out some words? The beta however will not even try and attempt to find out this information because he’s too pussy to engage her. The Beta will mentally beat himself up with raw negativity and create thoughts like:  I should’ve, I could’ve, I would’ve and these thoughts linger until he returns to his post and continues his daily routine. The beta must do what he fears and step out of the safety net he lives in. Expand your horizon with the correct train of thought you are limitless.