Everyone and anyone can get Beta Fatigue or Career Burnout.

Young and Beast Career Burnout

1. Lack of energy

If you find yourself struggling to get out of bed in the morning to go to work or experiencing constant fatigue throughout the day, your career could be the culprit.

2. Lack of desire

You used to be motivated to work your hardest and achieve the goals you set for yourself.  But lately, you find that you just don’t care if you are successful or not – a telltale warning that you may have become burned out.

3. Decreased productivity

Your supervisor and coworkers used to praise you for the work results you produced; however, lately you have missed several important project deadlines and have become undependable because these things just didn’t seem that important to you.

4. Increased absences and/or tardiness

There used to be a day when you would rather have cut off your left hand than be late or miss a day of work.  Nowadays, you find yourself looking for every opportunity to skip out on work.

5. Abuse of alcohol/drugs

Requiring alcohol or drugs to get through a workday is a definite red flag that you are experiencing a tremendous amount of work-related stress.