5 Reasons to start lifting weights….TODAY!


  1. Survival of the Fittest- Would you rather look like a human twig or a human beast? Who would survive in the jungle longer, a skinny bitch or a built beast? Who has the highest chance of surviving a fight with a bear? If disaster struck and you had nothing to eat who has the greatest ability to go out and hunt for food, the skinny twig or the built beast?  Who will survive? Lifting weights is mentally and physically important. I chose to become a beast in the 10th grade and it was the most remarkable decision I ever made. I began with kickboxing and slowly transitioned in to lifting weights. It’s beneficial to know how to fight but I wasn’t satisfied with that process. Once I started hitting the weights and gaining proper size, I fell in love with the art.
  2.  Lifting weights increases your presence and respect wherever you go-  It sets you apart from the average beta crowd and undoubtedly crowns you the alpha status. It increases your earning potential and business opportunities through various qualities and characteristics of the alpha. In addition to the  thousands of reasons why you should lift from the social and health side, the built man will always have the upper hand over the non-built man. Psychologically, individuals will be alert of your build and become intrigued. Looking like a malnourished homeless person is no fun so start packing on that size and pumping iron immediately.  You will also distill fear in the eye of the weak with your new mass and overpower your enemy.  Not to mention, women love a masculine man with an assertive presence.
  3. Clothing- Clothing fits and looks much better when you are built. Swimming in your t-shirts makes you look like a powerless puss. I’ve seen non-lifters wear tight tees to make themselves “look” big but that is a cheap way to alter the image of your scrawny frame. These beta males look hideous standing beside a man that lifts. Lifting weights and eating healthy meals is the only way you’ll gain mass unless you start injecting synthol. Synthol is revolting. Instead, take immediate charge and start pumping that iron so you grow out of your current clothing and make your new shirt size look skin tight.
  4. Energy- Lifting weights gives you more energy throughout the day. Who the fuck doesn’t need more energy? Everyone can benefit from an abundant source of vitality. I see lazy fucks yawning and dosing off in the earliest hours of the day.  Get proper rest to function the way you body should.  No excuses!  You must have self-discipline to strengthen your weaknesses for a better you.  For example, beta males and everyone below are resorting to energy drinks to stabilize their daily energy whereas men who lift, get well rest, eat healthy are always above the average crowd with excessive amounts rest and stored energy. Think of your body as a power plant, the less muscle you use, the less power you have. Once your body starts unleashing its inner beast, no one can stop a beast from growling.  
  5. Pumping iron increases confidence- Arnold Schwarzenegger made it out of a little Austrian town to become a professional bodybuilder, a hollywood superstar and also the governor of California. He was successful in what he did due to lifting weights and gaining size which brought him great confidence to overcome anything in his path. Oh, did I mention he also married a Kennedy. Having superior physical appearance is what separates a man from a boy.

The courage gained through the process of  body building challenges you to improve yourself mentally and physically when knowing perfect isn’t enough.  Strive for perfection and you will be hungry for more.  There is no such thing as excuses.  Excuses are for the weak.  Set your standards high and separate yourself from the people who bring you down or try to influence your life in a negative manner.  You are in control of your life, not society.  Nowadays, nothing gets accomplished due to the heavy opinionated betas around you.  You are who you surround yourself with.  Get a fucking gym membership and prove your strength and determination. Change your lifestyle, read books, get off social media and stop wasting time.  Improve yourself because only you can. Stick to your words and follow through.  Set goals and accomplish them.  Write new goals and accomplish those too, keep the cycle going.  Successful people always keep a journal of ideas.  Writing these ideas down will inspire you each day to go out there and make them come true.  You want to start your own business? Hustle hard, make sacrifices, stay committed and watch the paper roll in.  There is no such thing as, “I’ll do it later.” It’s now or never so quit whining, stop the complaining and start the body building process, change your lifestyle and witness the growth and potential.