Here are three alpha body language tips that you can begin using right away to increase your confidence, presence and approachability.

Alpha male statue

Stand Tall.

1) Fix your posture and stand tall. A lot of people out their have a natural hunchback or a minor forward tilt caused by a continuous pattern of looking down at his/her phone. You can overcome this problem and increase your confidence with one simple move. Stand tall with your shoulders back. Build a habit of always being aware of your posture and keeping your shoulders back. With the shoulders turned and pulled back your chest will expand which is a trait humans can sub consciously detect and relate to “alpha behaviour.”


2) Make direct eye contact with other people. This means engaging in eye contact with 2-3 seconds with another person. This makes your presence known and also shows you are direct, aware and not afraid. During conversations, presentations or a quick chat with a stranger, maintain direct eye contact with the person you are speaking with. Use obvious discretion when using eye contact – this means don’t over stare and don’t look like a lost creep. Direct eye contact also increases the likeliness of somebody following your directions and this has been proven by studies done on the body language of successful leaders.

Alpha Male Body Language

Pablo escobar – Alpha Male Smile – Mug Shot.

3) Just Smile. Smiling is one of the most powerful tools in maintaining consistent alpha body language. A successful smile can be executed in a variety of ways and as humans we are susceptible to smiling in an unlimited number of possible scenarios. When someone has a confident appearance and consistently has a natural smile on – or can effectively  flash a smile when seeing somebody, entering a room or approaching somebody for the first time. A smile shows you’re fun, open and relaxed. You are not worried – you’re smiling. Psychologically, humans link this to a person with an abundance of resources. Comfortable people smile and we are attracted to people who are smiling because we automatically smile back to people who smile at us.